The Many Faces of Breast Augmentation

Many women choose to have a breast lift procedure, also called mastopexy, performed because they have begun to have excessive droopiness. The medical term for the droop is ptosis. A certain amount of drooping is considered to be normal but excessive ptosis is rated in categories which range from minor, moderate to severe. There are four different methods of breast lifts that can be performed in order to correct ptosis and each type has a unique incision. Many women have had their minds changed by any number of the breast success review they come upon but it’s important to have the proper information before going under the knife – even if the knife is the right choice for you!

The Crescent Mastopexy also called a crescent lift. The incision in this operation is a half circle around the top of the nipple and areola area. This method would be best for those cases where only minimal tightening is required. Continue reading

The Flower City Of Belgium

Ghent is the capital and biggest city of the East Flanders province. Ghent is the fourth largest city of Belgium with about 250.000 inhabitants. The city started as a settlement at the confluence of the Rivers Lys and Scheldt and became in the Middle Ages one of the largest and richest cities of northern Europe.

It is a busy city with a port and a university. The city is connected to the sea by the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. Much of the city’s medieval architecture remains intact and is remarkably well preserved and restored

Ghent is also the flower city of Belgium. Flower growers from all the regions around Ghent sell their beautiful begonia’s and azalea’s all over the world. Every five years the successful Gentse Floralien attracts thousands to the city.

In Ghent sell a donut-shaped bun called a mastel. Mastellen are also called Saint Hubert bread, because on the Saint’s feast day, which is 3 November. The bakers bring their batches to the early Mass to be blessed. Traditionally, it is thought that blessed mastellen immunize against rabies

Ghent has cobbled streets, canals, gabled houses, two castles and five abbeys.

The city of Ghent is not to be

Canna Plant Morphology The Flower

The Canna Plant flower is very exotic. Technically, the flowers are inflorescences (clusters of flowers on a single structure). A single inflorescence forms at the tip of the stalk. The inflorescence elongates throughout the season (racemose) and new florets (individual flowers on an inflorescence) form along the sides of the flower spike (rachis) over a long period of time. Each floret is subtended by a few inconspicuous bracts. The inflorescence may be straight and narrow (a spike) or quite well branched (a panicle or thyrse). This well-branched trait is strongly selected for by breeders as it is showier. The florets are spirally arranged around the flower spike (1/3 phyllotaxy). Some Canna florets open in the morning and look best during the day time, while others are night bloomers whose beauty is waning by the next morning. Canna flowers are pollinated by a variety of organisms. Day-flowering Cannas are pollinated by bees or hummingbirds and night-flowering Cannas are pollinated by moths or bats. In addition to cross pollination, Canna flowers are self-fertile and may pollinate themselves.

Canna florets have sepals and petals like most flowers. However, they are generally small, inconspicuous and not showy. Canna florets have 3 sepals and

Floral Design And The Art Of Beautiful Flower Arranging

The floral industry uses specific techniques and skills to create extremely appealing fresh cut, hand tied flower arrangements, bunches and flower bouquets using the intricate art of floral design. This involves the use of bowls, baskets, vases, paper and other decorative objects to complete a floral design.

There are various styles of design that are popular and each type of style has different characteristics. Flower design originates from many different cultures all over the world. Floral design techniques are usually taught in a school, special college or academy for students to receive the best quality training. The skill is reasonably in demand and there is a shortage of trained professionals in the field, especially with the rising need for professionally arranged flower bouquets.

A flower designer will require training in specific skills and techniques. Use of the correct combination of flowers (aesthetically and practically), cutting, treating and selling flowers are all skills a flower designer should have.

Bouquet or Bunches
Blooms gathered in a hand tied flower arrangement using a creative style are called bouquets. Large varieties of bouquets make attractive arrangements and are used at weddings, given as gifts on special occasions and are a favourite romantic gesture.

Create A Cascading Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk bouquets, especially silk flower wedding bouquets can be created days or even weeks before the ceremony. There is no lacking of choices in the colors or the type of flowers and of course the shape and design. Among the really popular designs that brides prefer is the cascading silk bouquets. As with anything important, cascading wedding bouquets need careful attention, some hard work and persistence to ensure the bouquet looks absolutely gorgeous as it tumbles down the front of the bride on her special day.

To create a cascading bouquet you need a hand held bouquet holder that has a Styrofoam insert, some mass blossoms like carnations, a number of line flowers like delphinium, a few stems of small blossoms like rose buds, a wire cutter, floral tape, 3 yards of ribbon and an empty container or vase. Of course, you can choose other flowers but stay with the general form of flower to ensure a great cascading bouquet.

Prepare a rather wide working area, making sure its clean. Divide the blossoms based on their type and color. Set them aside to one side of your working space. Next is to get the empty container and put it